Getting MailMate's Bundles working with OmniFocus 2

Because of a few changes in our AppleScript library, both “Add” and “Add with summary” aren’t working correctly — we can fix that pretty quickly, though.

I used Brett Terpstra’s instructions and use this:

~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/

instead of this:


for my changes. (I actually deleted the bundles I don’t use out of the latter so I don’t see them all the time.)

I also changed my hotkey for Add with Summary to F1. I’ll leave that in this bundle.

  • Here’s the download.

  • unzip and place it in ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/.

  • restart MailMate

  • test it!

I hope it works for you!

Thanks for this. It works well but I’m finding that occasionally the OF quick entry window is not brought to the front. Selecting the command again in Mailmate then will bring quick entry to the front, with 2 copies of the same item. It’s not consistent.

I’m not complaining, just thought you should know. Thanks again!

Oh, thanks! I’ll look into it a bit more.

Works great for me. F1 hotkey is a nice touch. Thanks.

Thanks for this Derek! I do see the same behavior as jackbaty, but it’s ok now that I know that is what happens. I changed the keybinding to the ‘classic’ Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-C:

keyEquivalent = "^~@c";

And just a followup — I’m getting, consistently, that behavior on first-attempt. I’m not sure why I wasn’t getting it yesterday, nor am I sure what the problem is! I’ll defer to someone that knows how to troubleshoot a bit more.

I’m also seeing the same issue here!

Thanks for the bundle, Derek! It works perfect for me, though of course with the same behavior everyone else is describing. Oh well. Still great to have something that works :)

With the introduction of OmniFocus 2, there were some changes to the OmniFocus AppleScript dictionary that caused a bit of trouble with the old bundle.

  1. The old bundle was mostly AppleScript and made use on the “select” command, but Omnigroup removed the “select” command from their AppleScript dictionary with OmniFocus 2.
  2. The old bundle AppleScript began with a call to the application “OmniFocus,” but, if you kept the old version of OmniFocus in your applications folder, it could confuse the bundle.

So I tweaked the bundle to remove the “select” command, and I asked the AppleScript to call OmniFocus 2 by its application id (com.omnigroup.omnifocus2).

Currently, the bundle assumes you have OmniFocus 2 installed. If you have OmniFocus v1 only (without v2), it will fail. I’m working with MailMate’s developer to add version verification, but that isn’t included in this version of the bundle.

If you want the old control-shift-A keybinding, download this bundle.

If you want Bret Terpstra’s F1 keybinding, download this bundle (F1 calls “Add with Summary” and control-shift-A call “Add”).

Unzip the bundle. Quit MailMate. Save the bundle in ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/

If the Bundles directory doesn’t exit, just create it.

Relaunch MailMate.

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MailMate’s developer, Benny Kjær Nielsen, developed a new OF2 bundle that checks for the OF version you have installed and then runs the appropriate script. I worked with him to test the bundle and everything looks good.

If you want the old control-shift-A keybinding, download this bundle.

If you want Brett Terpstra’s F1 keybinding modification, download this bundle (F1 calls “Add with Summary” and control-shift-A call “Add”). If you use this one, you’ll want to remove it when the next version of MailMate is released and follow Brett Terpstra’s instructions for changing the key binding to F1.

Download and unzip the bundle. Quit MailMate. Save the bundle in ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/

If the Bundles directory doesn’t exit, just create it.

Relaunch MailMate.

This will be the version included in the next release of MailMate, so you can just delete this bundle from ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/ when the new version of MailMate is available.


I downloaded and works basically find. Specifically downloaded the control-shift-A version. I used to be able to tab through the various fields (project, context, due) automatically. With this version my first tab goes to the notes area (where email link, or email body, resides).

There are 2 disadvantages of tab going to the notes area: (1) not best first area, (2) you can’t tab out of the area to the other fields (projects, etc.)

Is there some way to revise this so first tab goes to the Project entry field? (May be some user error on my part, apologies in advance if that’s the case.)

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this behavior on my Mac. When I choose the keybinding in MailMate for the OF bundle, I get a OF Quick Entry box populated with the e-mail subject in the Item Name field and the content of the e-mail in the notes area … with the Item Name highlighted.

When I tab, the cursor moves to the notes field (not the project, context, etc. drop downs); but this is the way the Quick Entry box works system-wide for OmniFocus 2.

Thanks for the reply. Now it’s working fine for me. Maybe I should I have done a restart of Mac after installing. Sorry for any unintended confusion. Many thanks for the updated script!

It seems that the Mailmate script no longer works. Anything new we can use? (Was working fine until some point on 4/28. A new version of OF must have broken the script.)

Yes, it stopped working for me as well.

I’m seeing an unresponsive OmniFocus — is that what you folks are?

OK, I think this might be the correct bit for create_task:

on run argv
	set theFilename to item 1 of argv
	set theName to do shell script "head -n1 " & theFilename
	set theNote to do shell script "tail -n+2 " & theFilename
	tell application id "com.omnigroup.omnifocus2"
		tell default document
			tell quick entry
				make new inbox task with properties {name:theName, note:theNote}
				set note expanded of tree 1 to true
				-- tell application "System Events" to keystroke tab
			end tell
		end tell
	end tell
end run

I moved set note expanded of tree 1 to true to after the open command. It works for me now.

(Keep in mind AppleScript is not my day job. But now it works, so that might be the actual fix. :) )

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Thanks for finding a solution! However, what do I do to implement this? All I’m finding within Mailmate is the OmniFocus.mmBundle (I am soooo not a coder). How do I open? With what? Or is there a re-download available somewhere?

Hey Mitchell. I ran into problems with having a hodgepodge of bundles, so I took the time to get things figured out and feel a bit more confident about sharing.

If you download this bundle, install it to ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/, and then relaunch MailMate, it should be good to go. By install, I mean unzip the file and put OmniFocus.mmBundle in that Bundles folder.

How’s that work?

This new one is working for me if and only if I already have OF open. If I do not, the quick entry screen appears and acts essentially as a blank modal dialog box.