Half stick arrow head - flip to other side?

If I draw a line and use the half stick arrow head, it comes out the right side of the arrow head. I’ve tried flipping the shape in various ways, but I can’t reverse this appearance. Is there a way?


It is simple enough to draw, without trying to get OG to do it.

  • Each line has two MidPoints, which are placed at the desired end points for the line, then turn the EndPoints back in the direction you desire
  • If you want a great looking diagrams, always use a Grid. Mine is MajorGridSpacing[ 2cm ], MinorGridSteps[ 10 ].
    • In order to get the exact length of the half-arrowheads, after placing the desired end points for the line, I set MinorGridSteps[ 20 ]. Your mileage may vary.
  • By Flipped I mean using the Property/Geometry/Flip function. Which, as you noted, has no effect on a line with OG line ends but works as expected with a line with drawn half-arrowheads.