How do I make multiple edges of a graph appear side by side?

Basically this but in graffle image

Also if I could have some kind of fit the edges together feature that is, to remove whitespace I find graffle generally just snaps edges in a way so that they overlap rather than placing side by side.

As in any Lego-like construction system, you probably need to make yourself a specialised connector piece, and generate some copies of it.


Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 21.33.10

  • something like a rectangle,
  • with 4 magnets on each side,
  • with multiple copies, each rotated to the angles you want
  • and lying below / behind the circles

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 21.33.18

Yes, it is a drawing tool, not an art tool like Illustrator.

That would be an Enhancement Request. Email Support, they keep track of them.

Trying to do that in a drawing tool would be fiddly, and there are many ways, depending on how experienced you are.

  1. @draft8 has provided one way.

    • Just reduce the length of those rectangles, and the coloured lines will get closer, as close as you want.
    • When ready, turn off the Stroke & Shadow.
  2. Here is another way. Do not try to use the Magnets (they have a purpose other than yours).

    • First draw the lines, without the circles, the StartPoints and EndPoints would be where you imagine the centre of the circles would be. Get them at the desired angles and distance apart from each other.
    • When ready, draw the circles separately. Move each circle on top of each set of EndPoints. Group the entire set.
  3. For really precise work … in which case it is not art but a drawing …

    • Draw the circles and position them. Set one magnet at the centre of each circle. Draw the lines (they will be on top of each other)
    • Turn up the nitrifaction to 400 or 800
    • Add a Magnet on the edge of each circle [of a pair of circles], precisely, one at a time. Connect the lines, one at a time. Adjust the Magnet to suit.