How do you Convert Lines to Shapes?

How do you Convert Lines to Shapes?

I am using OmniGraffle 7.4 PRO for Mac.

In the product info website under “Pro for Mac / Construct Bold Graphics” there’s a feature listed:

  • Convert Lines to Shapes

but I can’t find any documentation on how to actually do this.

  1. Select the line

  2. Edit > Objects > Convert Line to Shape

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Great! Thanks.

I am almost afraid to ask …
Let’s say I have 100 instances of 20 different Shapes on the Canvas.

  1. What Shape, precisely does the Line get converted into ???

  2. Let’s say the original Line has a Line descriptor:

  • a Shape containing Text

  • (somehow, because OG does not handle that consistently, but let’s not get distracted, let’s consider only a shape-on-the-line that OG recognises).

  • or just a TextBox

  • sitting on the Line

Does it convert the Text (from the recognised Shape, or the TextBox), and place it in the new Shape, with all its Text properties preserved ?