How the hell to enable spotlight search on Mac?

Hi, every OmniFocus buddy. I am very eager to know how to have spotlight index the content of OmniFocus on mac? The global search integration facilitates workflow and enhances productivity enormously when I use OF3 on ios. But on the Mac platform, there seems a bit of hassle to enable this integration.

I searched the whole internet and found no single effective way to approach this. Even not many people ask about this.

Is it just another “as we all know” softball question??

I’m more curious than ever to know the answer… I really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance!

Welcome, @mansonakn!

If you go to System Preferences > Spotlight, you’ll see ‘Search Results’ in the left tab.

All you normally need to do is make sure that the folder in which you OF database resides (‘Documents’, for instance) is checked/ticked in that list.

Spotlight will then index OF content automatically.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your message. But all items are already checked in the spotlight search results panel. I think that
s how spotlight has established itself by default. I never toggled this search results panel…

I am getting more confused now…

@mansonakn, as far as I know the OF database itself, which you want Spotlight to index, is in the user Library. It is likely that Spotlight isn’t getting into the Library to index its contents.

Might these threads help:


Thanks for the reference. Creating the Metadata folder (as in the first link) also fixed my spotlight indexing issue with OmniFocus!

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