How to add tick marks to a line?

Perhaps this is fairly basic, but I don’t see a simple way to add equidistant tick marks to a line based on a scale? IOW, if I want to add 10 tick marks to a line I draw, I want them to, by scale, be equidistant apart (and add labels).

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

I would love such a feature but it is probably a custom line type and OG does not yet have those. I hand draw my ‘ticked’ features and then group the small lines with the ‘main’ line. Annoying but looks pretty sharp.

Trick I that works for me is changing from a straight line to a dashed or dotted line so I can ensure my spacing is consistant.

(sigh) I was afraid of that. Ok…I’ll muddle through. Thanks!

One thing that may help is using grid lines, even if it is not to the scale you want. You can draw your main line, then add ticks on the grid (snap to grid). You can then resize your line (maintaining aspect ratio or not, probably not would work better) to the length necessary.

Thanks for the tip!

Tip I saw from I think it was OmniGuru but he doesn’t often visit the forums.