How to display toolbar item name in OmniFocus 3 for mac?

Can’t find in the settings.

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Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (for some reason unknown) has eliminated the names from the toolbar. This type of in-line toolbar doesn’t accommodate names. You’ll see Safari as an example of this type of in-line toolbar. It shrinks the toolbar height to make room for your main content. But Apple’s Pages and Numbers allows us to add icon and name for now. I worry that this is possibly the beginning of a trend for Apple.

Why not make this a feature of the OF site version (at least for accessibility sake)? I think Apple is sometimes far too strict with their Developer “guidelines” thereby discouraging certain ideas or innovations.

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Then it will be a tragedy while you add more than 1 apple script icon to the toolbar – their icons are all the same…

OF3 should add a custom icon specify function for this.

You can set the icon of any script to anything you like. If you get info on it in Finder you can paste an icon/image of your choice over the AppleScript icon.


I just upgraded to v3 as well and immediately started wondering about this. Looks like Mail still offers icon, text, or both in its toolbar. This is a bummer…I do use custom icons (with colors), but the button text helped quite a bit.

Great, it’s a good hint. Yet, the text of toolbar item will be helpful.

Mail is not using this new toolbar - you can tell because the close/minimise/full screen buttons are above the other buttons.

I’ll take your word for it :)

I just miss the button labels. And I really miss users just having their choice.

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I also miss the names with the icons in the toolbar. My current workaround is to use the tabs feature which displays the names (but not the icons).

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I also would like to have the titles back on the toolbar.

Me too. :)

I lost all my toolbar scripts when I upgraded to OF 3 and I don’t have them in the ‘Customize Toolbar’ panel. Help!

How did you get OmniFocus scripts onto the toolbar after upgrade?

I would guess that your scripts are just in the scripts folder for OF2, and simply need to be moved over.

If you go to Help > Open Scripts Folder, and go up a level, there will probably be a folder like com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 . Copying any scripts you have in that folder to OF3’s scripts folder should at least get them showing up as toolbar options.

I copied the scripts into the new Scripts folder, and I can run the scripts from the Scripts menu, but they don’t show up in Customize Toolbar, even after restarting OF3.

Just to be sure, are your scripts in ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3? If not, I believe that’s where they need to be. The Scripts menu seems to map to a different location.

Nice tip, thanks. I have task-related perspectives down the side and people-related perspectives in the toolbar, and right now I have to remember who is who. Forgot all about tabs. :)

P.S. This is another reason why I love tags. I can add person-tags to different actions and then organise person-tags into reporting lines. Now, when I’m talking to a team lead I just select his/her tab and see all actions related not only to him/her but also the people in his/her team. Having a 1:1 with my boss? Just select her tab and anything I’ve decided needs to go upstairs appears. Nice.

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I also have the perspectives organized on the side and at the top of the toolbar.

I found out that the tabs are tricky because if you change the perspective in a particular tab, it remains changed, not the one you expect. So I will probably limit my use of the tabs.

That was it! thank you! Interesting the scripts from the OF2 folder showed up at all.

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