How to show only the tasks WITHOUT a certain context


I have a folder containing a bunch of projects. Some tasks in this projects have a certain context.

Is there a way to focus on the root-folder and see only the tasks NOT CONTAINING this certain context?



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Nope. No filters available on perspectives. The settings are based on inclusion only, not exclusion.


That’s a bummer! :-(

I’d also like that. My best advice is to send a mail to Omni folks, as this is the only official way to have feature (or support) requests considered ;)

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You’re right, I’ll do this - it would solve a couple of my similar questions.
Thanks again!

I think I understand what you’re trying to do, but you could add every context BUT the context you don’t want to see based on the Sidebar Selection filter.

Like so:

Focus is on the Omni folder, but my sidebar selection is No Context (and potentially every other context but “Context X”, where Context X is the thing you don’t want to see.) You’d also want to Group and sort actions by Project, I’m guessing, since we’ll need to show contexts in the sidebar and thus use the “Don’t use project hierarchy” setting.

Would that work out for you, or do your contexts change frequently?

That would certainly solve my problem (and no, for this perspective / folder the context I want to exclude is only one and always the same)!

I’m trying to build this perspective as you suggest but the part for Add Current Sidebar Selection is not active:

What do I do wrong?

Try doing it from the Context perspective, instead. Then make your selections and go back and use the ‘Add Current Sidebar Selection’ button to save them.

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That does it! Thanks!