iPhone sync with Mac on Sleep Mode

I have OmniFocus (Pro) 4.0.3 (v174.7.3) both on my Mac and on my iPhone.
If “wake on network access” is enabled on my Mac, will OF on the Mac sync when I work on my iPhone OF?

Wake on network access is typically for things like a file server run on your Mac. When another system tries to access that server, your Mac would wake up to serve the file requested. OF sync uses Omni Group’s servers. You Mac & iPhone are clients. There is a bit of a gray area as you can enable “push” with Omni’s Sync, but I don’t believe that updates when the device is asleep, rather when OF is in the background, but the device is awake otherwise. Additionally, syncs can happen over Bonjour when the devices are on the same network, but this tends to work when both are awake rather than forcing a machine to wake to handle the Bonjour request.

In any case, it’s not a major issue. While your Mac may be out of sync while it is asleep, the only impact is you will see more zip files (changes awaiting sync) on your phone. Next time you wake up your Mac and open OF it will sync all the delayed changes either from the Omni servers or via Bonjour if your phone is on the same network at the time it wakes.

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