Is anyone using folders? If so, for what?

I have set up Folders for many projects – but frankly, seems to either conflict with or duplicate Tags. Interested in hearing use cases where Folders work well.

Try these for a start …


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I use Folders quite a bit on the Mac, but I’ve spent the past two years moving away from that structure because folders make navigation terrible on iOS devices. I’ve been trying to convert to tags, but the disadvantage of that is that there are vastly more tags than folders, so it’s kind of annoying to get the right classification tag.

I have (fairly self explanatory!) Work/Home folders.


Yes, I have two top level folders, Work and Home.

I do have folders inside Work and Home as a natural way of keeping logically grouped things together. All my Photography related projects are in a Photography folder inside Home.

I use them to group related projects, and other times to hold ‘subprojects’: since there is no real subproject funcionality and action groups are not very practical , I have to create subprojects to be able to manage them and I use the folder as an agrupation. I know of on other way to nest several levels of projects in OF

I use them like jmpval. For example, I have a folder “2021 Exhibition Schedule” and then projects created for each show, with each nested action tagged as to what/where/how I’m supposed to be addressing the action. I have that specific use case going back to 2017, which has been invaluable for career tracking.

I use folders for broad “areas of responsibility,” in GTD-speak. In my case (I’m an academic), those are (1) being Department Chair, (2) teaching my courses, (3) research and writing, (4) reviewing published books, (5) reviewing manuscripts and proposals, (6) service to the institution and the profession, (7) home and personal projects, (8) minding my health and fitness, and (9) staying organized. I also have a “someday-maybe” folder, where I move projects that are not realistically going to get started in the next few months.

The main way I use the folders is to focus on them. So if I decide I’ve been neglecting research and writing, I can select that folder and hit Focus, and then decide what within that area of responsibility most needs attention. I can’t replicate that behavior with tags, because you can’t focus on them.

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I´m using folders (“Office”, “Home”, “Maintenance”, “Weekly Rewiev Tasks”, “Templates”) too and subfolders in it. So i can use same projectnames f.e. [Single Actions], [Radar Screen] in “Home” and “Office”. I can see in my perspectives-views the foldernames to seperate the projects and the tasks, cause I don´t want use different perspectives for home- and office-tasks.

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