Keyboard shortcuts cause text blocks to disappear

I’ve been experiencing issues with Omnigraffle Pro on my mac for about 6 months. It seems to happen on a couple of different interactions but I can’t always define the steps to reproduce making it really hard to report as a bug/issue.

This happens on both my laptop keyboard and my external Logitech bluetooth keyboard.

I frequently use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd + arrow” to move between elements and this issues only happens on text; sometimes I’m not sure what buttons I pressed (accidental button taps when typing too fast) but the focus is suddenly somewhere else and my text block is gone.

If I try “Ctrl + Z” to undo, there is no memory of the steps, it jumps back in history as if that text block or the text inside it never existed.

I was able to replicate one sequence when I was copying text from outside of OG into multiple text boxes using keyboard shortcuts for almost every step:

Imagine you have a vertical list of 20 square shapes, 1pt line, no fill and you want each of them to have different labels that are currently in text format in a document outside OG and you want to avoid retyping each one.

  1. Cmd + shift or Alt + Shift) to highlight text in word/excel etc
  2. Cmd + C (copy)
  3. Cmd + Tab (toggle to OG)
  4. (With text box in focus) Enter (to make text in box editable)
  5. Cmd + V (paste) or Cmd + Alt + Shift + V (paste and match style)
  6. Cmd + arrow down (move to next text box below)
    At this point the text that I have just pasted above will be cleared and I can’t get it back, it’s like the action never happened.

I’ve tried uninstalling my bluetooth keyboard but today I’m on the laptop and it’s happened again.

I know it might sound minor but I’ve been using OG for over 10 years now for all my wireframes, annotations & build specs so it’s becoming a big issue when I’m refining copy for an hour and then it gets deleted.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I have not but don’t work much with text.

I would eMail tech support with what you posted. Although they are a little thin in staffing right now, they might be able to help you best.

Yes, it is clearly a bug.

  • report it in the usual manner, via the Help/SendFeedback menu item
  • revert to a previous release that is known to be less buggy (V7.17.x ?)