Licensing via App Store

I emailed Omni about this on November 20th but still haven’t received a response.

I purchased Omnigraffle 7 via the Mac App Store in 2017, and now the software is asking me to buy another license when the current version is 7.18? My license is under the username “vicorly”… Apple ID

Why is this happening;? I shouldn’t have to pay twice for the same version series…

(I am not an OmniGroup employee, whatever they say overrides whatever I say.)

They seem to have gone quiet in the last year or so.

First, yes, that is not supposed to happen. But the quality of software these days leaves a lot to be desired. No, you do not have to pay twice or again, for a newer minor release within the one major release.

Second, have you tried re-entering your original licence key (obtained when you purchased it in 2017). In the past, there have been bugs in new minor releases that force the re-entry of a licence key.

I don’t think you get an actual license key when you buy from the Mac App Store…

Ok, sorry. We get licence keys for non-AppStore purchases.

I suppose you have to wait until Support answers your email.