Link to folder or project within a perspective?

Is it possible to create a URL that links directly to a folder or project within a perspective?

I know how to create a link to a custom perspective, but I’d love to go a level or two deeper with it. Using the contextual menu to create a link to a project in a perspective just gives the main link to the project itself.

I searched the forums and the closest discussion I found was this one from 2018, which suggests this is not possible, but is also several years old at this point. I’m hoping it’s been implemented!


If you right-click on a project or folder, the context menu has a Copy as Link command. That command copies to the clipboard a link local to the computer (not a true URL) to the project or folder. You can then paste that link into an OmniFocus task comment, your journal app (like Day One), your calendar app, or your notes app.

I use that a lot. I might have an umbrella note that contains the case document for a multi-project endeavor. In that note, I can store links to all the related projects.

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Thanks, yes, I use this function all the time as well. Super handy!

I also use custom links to go to a custom perspective. I’m hoping to do this to a folder/project within a perspective.

In other words, when clicked the link would not just bring me to the perspective at the top level, but to a project level within.

It’s not possible. You can get a link to an individual project or tag, which will open in the respective system perspective.

What I would do is create a copy of my custom perspective which additionally filters on the desired project or tag. Would that not work for your workflow?

Thanks, I might try that for a couple of my main recurring projects.

I was hoping it could work for any number of projects, but creating additional perspectives could quickly overwhelm the system.

Really, I’m just trying to save a couple clicks. I’ve got a pretty good workflow set up, just hoping for some faster jumps within my focused perspectives.


Is it possible to do this on an iPhone or iPad? I can do this on my Mac but for the life of me I cannot find a way to get a “Copy as Link” function using iOS. If you (or someone else) knows you’d make my year!

Would either of the following JXA automation scripts address your needs?:

I just tried it and it works for me.

  1. I did a long press on a task in OmniFocus.
  2. Chose Copy.
  3. Navigated into a note in Apple Notes.
  4. Pasted from clipboard.

What was pasted into the note was a link back to the task in OmniFocus. When I tapped that link, it took me to that task.

Thanks @koterski for sharing such informative post.

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Thanks all for the suggestions - I actually just checked and found out how to do what I needed to. I wanted to do it with a link back to the main Project (not a task in it). It’s a long hold, then “Share” and then I use an Automation I have that creates a “New Link-Back Task”. Appreciate the support from others

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