Links in notes not working as expected

I am having trouble with links in the Notes field (3.11.2 test (v149.6.4)).

If enter a link, right click, change the title to some tex like “My Link” and leave the show URL checkbox as off, I would expect to see “My Link” underneath the task in the expandable Notes area. this must have worked in the past as I have several links in repeating task that look just like this.

However, I can’t make it stick, the descriptive text keeps being overwritten with the URL, and just the URL shows in the Notes area.

I have tried editing the task in the project itself (I started in a perspective) but the behaviour is the same.

Any ideas?! Thanks. Alastair

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Have you tried to press command-return after entering the link (to save the task), and change the title after that? That solved a similar problem for me.

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The links have been flaky for quite some time. Which note field the one in the inspector or the one under the task?

See Editing Link Name Never Works On the First Try - OmniFocus / OmniFocus for Mac - The Omni Group Forums

I use the note field under the task, and it has always worked for me since I made it a habit to press command-return after each link I paste into the note field.

Thanks @Jan_H and @GrantSt

The solution was to edit it in the field under the task and use CMD-return. I had been using the inspector and I had forgotten the CMD-return trick.

Much appreciated!

This feels like a workaround, and it remains a small but annoying bug. Do Omni sweep these forums for such things or should I alert then separately?

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You should always alert Omni separately about bugs and suggestions. They don’t follow the discussions systematically, as the forums primarily are intended for user discussions. The command-return trick was actually something I learned after having contacted The Omni support about the problem. They suggested a similar solution that made me try command-return. They are aware of the bug, but it’s always a good idea to report problems anyway, to make it clear that the problems are disturbing more users.

Thanks Jan I will stick to the row note also.

Omni came back with a desire to chase this down and another workaround which taught me what CMD-S does! Steps here:

  1. Paste a link into the Inspector Note field.
  2. Press Command-S (the command to trigger a sync).
  3. Now right-click, and choose Edit Link.
  4. Edit the title then click Done or Press Return.
  5. Add a space or line break following the link.

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