Mac sierra desktop and documents sharing may have knocked out omnipresence

I just upgraded several macs to Mac OS Sierra and upgraded to 50 GB space so that I could back up the Documents and Desktop folders on several macs.

Fired up my iPad tonight after a day working with outliner on my Mac Book Pro. The app opened and was syncing for a long time. When I looked at it after some minutes, nearly all of my documents had disappeared. I can still see the outlines by going into ICloud Drive and the Documents folder where the OmniPresence is situated.

I want to check this tomorrow on my Mac Book Pro and desk top but this is a worry. Has Mac OS Sierra knocked OmniPresence out?

Other than a few instances of doubles, I have never had any issues with syncing - incidentally, I saw some doubles when I first logged on tonight. Now I have just one outline left where I should have 20-30.

Any help, much appreciated.


If you have Sierra syncing your Documents folder that contains your OmniPresence folder, that will greatly complicate things for OmniPresence syncing. Please contact support for more detailed information and help sorting this out.

I too have my OmniPresence folder where it installed itself: in my Documents folder. And I am now letting Sierra sync my Documents folder. Should I move OmniPresence out of /Documents? If so, where’s the best place for it?

Any place that isn’t being synced to iCloud which I believe can be either Documents or Desktop. Directly under your home folder would work.

Can I just drag and drop the OmniPresence folder out of /Documents and into the home folder? Will OmniSync know where to find it or do I have to set up synching to the new location as if it were a new synch?

You’ll need to set up a new location and have it pull down everything from the OmniPresence server.

Just set up a new location - inside my home folder on my desktop and it is coming in but 90% of my documents appear to be missing. Is there some way I can roll back or get everything from before? I suppose I could drag in the documents from the Sierra copy in ‘Desktop and Documents’.
I think this will affect a few people - might be worth sending out an email to users or having a work around possibly.

I think there were several issues with MacOS Sierra’s iCloud syncing really mucking up third party sync solutions such as DropBox. It’s probably not advisable to have iCloud and third party sync solutions (such as OmniPresence) trying to sync the same data folder.

New location inside the home folder and then manually copying files over from the Sierra ‘backed up’ old location seems to do the trick on the Mac. Next step to go around and check iPad and iPhone. Hopefully it will ‘just work’.

Set up a new location on my hard drive or on the Omni Sync server? And if it’s the server, how do I do that? I just tried, and got a message saying Duplicate Location.

Pick a new location on your local drive. Choose “+ Add Synced Folder”. As mentioned above, directly under your home folder should be safe from iCloud magic. And make sure to Disconnect the other folder.

Hmmm. I just dragged the local OmniPresence folder from within /Documents and dropped it inside my home folder. I didn’t disconnect anything, just dragged and dropped. Synching is working fine. Is this wrong?

I did the same and no problems after several weeks of use. I experimented with the Sierra beta.

Hmm, it looks like that might be fine. You should certainly see an error in OmniPresence if it can’t locate your folder.

The warning message says my Documents folder can be synced by iCloud Drive on Sierra, but it’s not set up that way. Why can’t I still keep my OmniPresence folder there? Where should I put it otherwise?

I see the replies now about where to put it–I’ll try that. Still confused, though, why I have to move it if I’m not syncing my Documents folder via iCloud Drive.

I get this message when I try what lizard recommends.

Please send an email to and our Support Humans will help you get everything sorted out.

Fine, but this really should be less complicated…

Hi, DerekM–two business days on, no reply from support. Not sure how quickly I should expect an answer, but do you or does someone have the steps they could just paste into a forum reply so I know how to get OmniPresence working again with Sierra?