Maintain object shape when resizing one dimension

I have a shape that represents a beam. One end of the shape is “cut” at a 45º angle. the other end is squared off.

I want to be able to change the length of the beam (height remans the same) but maintain the 45º angle on the one end.



The Point Editor (f) to manipulate the two shape points at right ?

( Holding down Shift helps to constrain angles between lines to simple values like 90 and 45 degrees)


So you want to maintain the 45º angle at left, while changing the dimensions of the Shape, is that right ?

There are several Methods.

  1. Via EditPoints
  • Make the EditPoints in the Shape visible, which will be the vertices.
  • Choose just the two corners at right (in this example)
  • Drag the two EditPoints to your destination
  • Details and movies in the How to Make an Adjustable Shape Q&A.
  1. Via Chop
  • Essentially make a new Shape each time, it is simple enough to do
  • Draw the long rectangle, with the dimensions and attributes, as desired. This is the target
  • Draw a second small rectangle that will cover a portion at left. This is the subtractive rectangle
  • Rotate the second rectangle 45º
  • Place it over the target rectangle, such that the vertex which requires the 45º angle is lined up (easy to do if you use a Grid)
  • Select both rectangles
  • Menu/Edit/Shapes/SubtractShapes
  • While drawing, for ease, copy-paste the rotated subtractive rectangle a few times, so as to maintain a magazine, to be used when necessary.


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Thanks u/draft8 & /u/GraffleGuru. I’ve used those methods to create the shape. I was hoping to find a way to define a shape such that I could just type in the length and the shape would always retain a 45º cut at the one end.

Having to create the shape for each length works, it’s just a bit tedious.

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