Make artboard ignores the stroke of objects

As the title says. Here is an artboard created automatically around a circle with a stroke.

By the way, please consider adding an option for aligning the stroke outside/centered/inside the edge of an object.

I think the edge is the stroke. That is a core element of each object. In your parlance, it is centred.

If you want a stroke that is not the edge (in your parlance, inside or outside), that is a new request.

The old feature does not have that bug that the “new feature” has.

This is an example of a general problem. The bounding box of an object goes through the center of its stroke, not the stroke’s outer edge. In this case, Make Artboard draws the artboard object to match the original object’s bounding box. Other effects of this issue:

  • When Smart Alignment Guides show two objects as adjacent their strokes overlap.
  • The dimensions of an object in the Geometry Inspector are given as the actual width or height minus the stroke width.

This becomes evident with large stroke widths, as in the image above.

It may be that this is an Apple framework issue. Powerpoint, for example, shows the same effects.

Thank you for reporting that! Our internal testers also caught that right away, and we plan to fix it before 7.0 goes final: we just wanted to get the interface into place quickly so our translators could translate it into other languages.

We added support for this in OmniGraffle 6.1. In the Stroke inspector, set the stroke type to “Inner Stroke” or “Outer Stroke”. (In the 6.1 blog post linked above, there’s a demonstration of these options about 45 seconds into the 1-minute video.)

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This bug is fixed for our next test build. (Look for r269296 or later.)

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Rather than worrying about stroke size, and inside/outside stroke, etc, you might want to add an automatic margin to the Export area, just like SelectedObjects does, defaulting to 0.2cm, but allowing any width…

Thanks, Ken! Sorry I missed the inner stroke feature – it takes care of my comment.

Is is possible to add a stroke to the artboard? I’m finding I need to create separate objects in the upper layers to define the borders of my wireframes for exported screens.