Mass find + replace font

Is there any way mass-replace fonts in OmniGraffle? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything about it. If it’s possible with a script it could be worth it as I have lots of files that need to be updated to a new font.

I figured out how to do this by opening data.plist in BBEdit and making changes there. A bit of a process to figure out some of the syntax that needed to be replaced, but it works. Would be great if this could be a built-in feature, but if they’ve gotten along without it this long, I guess there hasn’t been much call for it.

I figured out an easier way to do this - with the font inspector open, drag-select the objects where you want the font to change. Make the changes in the inspector, and the font will change on all selected objects.

It is not quite the same thing.

  • what you are describing is ordinary font change, in fact, ordinary attribute change. To a bunch of Objects, which are selected by any means (Click; Drag; ^ Click; Canvas/Selection; Outline Objects; etc).
  • Mass Find-and-Replace means (eg) Find my usage of Times 10 and change them to Helvetica 9. Of course, it could be applied to a bunch of Objects, which are selected by any means, or all Objects.


I see, that is quite a different use-case. I hadn’t managed to infer quite so much detail from the original post as that. Thanks.

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