Move Projects to Folder (Script)

I´m trying to move a project(s) to a specific folder with scripting

I have seen a few threats but with the scripts I can´t seem to move projects to a sub foler with theese script (see links) has anyone found a solution to that ?

An example using OmniJS (paste in the console), assuming you would like to move selected projects to a folder named Checklists.

(() => {
        win =[0],
		projs = win.selection.projects,
        folder = flattenedFolders.byName("Checklists");
    return moveSections(projs, folder)
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Thank you for your response, I tried your script but I don´t get it to work

  • Paste it to console
  • Create checklist folder
  • Nothing happens
    (see picture)

But Ideally I think it would be better to see a list of the folders and check to folder to move the project to in my case…instead of having multuple script action for each folder…

But thanks for the help 🙏

The script assumes you already have a folder named “Checklists”. Could you upload the screenshot ?

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Sorry I wasnt clear enough

  • I had created it before I ran the script

It’s not ready to become a Plug-in. Did you paste it in the Console and run it ?

We could do a Plug-In out of it if it’s useful for you. Not today, since I do not have the time.

The thing is I´m searching for a way to move new projects quickly to it´s place

  • I prefer to have the folders collapsed (like in the previous picture)
  • My only other solution is to have the Folders expanded and drag and drop the project to it´s destination.

Oh, I understand what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, I am just doing pre-boarding and leaving my city.

If you didn’t find another solution, remind me in 10 days (I’ll be back) and I’ll try to help you out.

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