None Default Notifications when Creating a New Item

Hi, would like to ask about a possible default setting for the notifications.

Describing the case:

  • on iOS (could only try it on an iPhone at the moment, not sure what happens on iPad),
  • in the “Creating a new item” screen
  • there’s the section “Due”
  • in which you can select the Due Date for the item

As soon as you tap “Due”, (on my device) it automatically does the following:

  • it sets the Due Date for Today at 5:00 PM and shows the scrolling menu to select another date (that’s fine for my needs)
  • it automatically adds 1 notification to be sent at the same Due Date time

I’m sure many people found that useful (the fact that a notification is automatically added together with the due date), but for how I’m using OF, it’d be quicker to add items and not have that automatic notification added which I then need to always remove.

I’d prefer to have 0 (zero) notifications set when creating a new item, and in case I need one or more, I’ll go and open the Notifications sub-section and add them from there.

Is there a way to perhaps decide whether to let the system automatically add that notification when creating a new item?


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