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I have probably about only 5 Omnifocus actions that I actually want to receive Notifications on. By default, all actions with Due Dates inherit the Due Date as a Notification date, too. This means that I get an overwhelming list of action Notifications. As far as I can see the only options are:

  1. Entirely turn off Notifications for Omnifocus (and use Reminders for the things that I do want Notifications for);

  2. Manually delete the automatically added Notifications.

Neither of these is at palatable. Are there any better ways to override the default Notification setting?

BTW, this question was posted last year but there were no replies:

TIA :)

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Have you tried checking your settings for ‘Notifications’ in Preferences so that there are no notifications for due dates?

You should then be able to manually add notifications for the tasks you do want to receive notifications for.

Oh, I just noticed that your previous post was tagged with iOS, but this one is tagged Mac.

Nevertheless, there is a similar setting in the iOS Settings, under ‘Sounds and Alerts’.

Oh dear, I must have been having a bad day not to notice that!

Thank you @kaitlin!

Here is a screenshot for posterity.

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