OF2 to Outlook 2015

Has anyone looked in OF2 to Outlook 2015? Today I’m using the great script which copies the text of the mail and the link back to the original mail. In Outlook 2015 I don’t even see a scripts menu ;( So, I’m using the mail drop feature until something better is found.

What’s a somewhat positive outcome if the OLD link open the mail in the new Outlook! Interesting, I wonder where it’s finding these old mails? In the old identity folder I guess.

Anyway, this topic needs to go on the radar as Outlook 2015 will replace the 2011 version sometime next year.


I can confirm that I have the same issue. I am to using the mail drop feature and Apple Mail with Clip-o-tron as a work around for the time being. It appears that Microsoft has dropped support for Applescript in this release.

For what it’s worth, you can make an Outlook rule than runs an Applescript. Unfortunately it can’t have a hot key to trigger it. But at least Outlook 2015 does support Applescript even if it doesn’t have a dedicated menu as before.

Any help here? Outlook 2015 has been shipping (in beta) for 60 days.

The Applescript for Outlook 2011 does not work. I am right there with you, someone, please get this to work :-)

I’ll add another vote for this. If anyone more knowledgable about this sort of thing than me can get this working, I’d be very appreciative.

Adding a vote. Especially with the issues with clip-o-tron + Yosemite, getting that to work with Outlook 15 might be the way to go!

Omni came back with a reasonable technical answer that it can’t be done with the clipping service because Apple tightened up security with the new sandbox policies.

However, this is a script by Thomas Uhde which works very well here:

Happy clipping!

I wanted to chime in, in case this was ever resolved. Also – as per the comment above – to point out that sandboxing / Mac App Store is ruining OmniFocus and to beg and plead that a real, non-crippled version be released that can address these issues. Thanks!

Ugh… I feel like an idiot posting this… ;)

Stephen - saw your post on Rainer’s site; http://rainer.4950.net/2014/06/04/outlook-to-omnifocus2-take-12/#comment-51717

I download it and put it into ~Library/ Application Support/ Microsoft/ Office/ Outlook Script Menu Items

I fired up Outlook 2015… However i cannot for the life of me find any menu items which executes the script?

  • Does it appear as a menu item? / toolbar? / right clicking? / something else??

Sorry to be daft

Mother Microsoft has deemed the scripts menu doesn’t belong in Office 2015, although the apps themselves are still fully scriptable. So, you have a couple of options: make a rule to execute a script which you manually trigger, or use a script utility like FastScripts to trigger the script. Hope this helps.

I actually didn’t even notice that the scripts menu had been pulled in Outlook 15 - I’ve been using FastScripts to trigger my capture scripts for years.

on a sidenote - it looks like in a recent update of Outlook 2015 (I have 15.6), Microsoft pulled the ability to use a rule to run an Applescript. Run Applescript simply is not there anymore. It was there in 15.3.

You can use Automator to create a service to run apple script and assign a shortcut key via Outlook -> Services menu.

I cannot seem to find a way to save the Outlook 15 message to file so that I can attach the original mail to the OmniFocus. The following command that worked perfectly fine in the previous Outlook for Mac versions errors out in Outlook 15 for Mac.

save theMessage in theFileName

Works great for me. It has to be launched with Keyboard Maestro or other tool like this.

HI everyone, I recently extended the script with some feature from the Outlook-to-Things script by LuMe96. Here’s the changelog:


  • New: Option to switch between file attachment and direct data-directory link to reduce library size (attachMailToOFTask)
  • New: Option to switch between the way multiple selected messages are handled (e.g. one task with multiple messages vs. one task per message) (multiSelectMultiTask)
  • New: Option to expand note in QuickEntry (expandNotes)
  • New: Option to trim message by number of characters
  • New: Option to trim subject line by keywords (e.g. Re:, Fwd:, …)
  • Changed: Task title now formatted as Sender : Subject

As said before, most of it relies on the work and all credit goes to Rainer && LuMe96.

Get the script here: Download

Ps: I should probably put this up on GitHub, let me know if you think this is useful for extensibility and I’ll make an effort :)

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Really nice job - thanks! especially the removal of “re” or “fwd”, makes a nice, clean result in OF2.

Hi, i installed the script in the carpet, but i dont know how to activated?. what can i do if a want to use it?

You need some third-party tool to trigger the script. Look out for BetterTouchTool (this is what I use), Keyboard Maestro or FastScripts. Those three seem to be the most popular.


ok, i downloaded bettertouchtool, but what have i do now? sorry but im not an mac expert!! thanks!!