OG7 randomly changes print margins?


I’m using OG as a canvas for printing out vocabulary flashcards on a Avery preperforated A4 sheet (Avery C32010). This means they have to be able to be positioned and printed out very accurately in order to stay inside the borders of the perforation.

I put Avery’s .doc model as a layer in OG, respecting it’s margins (perforations start at 1,35 cm from top).
I uncheck the “use the printer margins”, because I want it to be printer independent.
For some unknown reason, I fond OG is very irregular with the margins when printing out.
It never respects the alignment of 1,35 cm from the top, so the images shift either up or down, as much as 5 mm per print session.
As a matter of fact, it never exactly prints out the sheet the same way, wasting costly paper.

Is there anything I can do to make sure OG prints out a sheet as it’s supposed to be?
I’m printing on a Toshiba estudio 255 duplex.

I have required precise alignment and sizing on the PDF, such that it the doc prints predictably in diferent countries, on different printers (notwithstanding local directions to prinf otherwise). With no problem. Off and on. For decades.

One general thing to take into account is that many printers cannot print right to the edge of the paper, so there is a kind of automatic sizing that one does, to compensate for that. And then that compensation becomes normal. Specifically in your case you do want it to recognise the perforations (divisions on the page) taking into account that you will lose, say, 5mm off the edges of the page.

And you have to set up and use a good Template for the purpose.

That should not happen in the first place. Or, the basics of page set up for the specific purpose have not been performed.

Rather than getting into a textual discussion, why don’t you post your Graffle file. We can inspect it directly, and provide specific advice or corrections.