OmniFocus 2.1 Test Builds

We’ve been working on a Yosemite update to OmniFocus for Mac and are ready to share some test builds with you:

For this update we’re focusing on general app appearance and extensions, as well as bug fixes. We’re still planning further updates to help with workflow and customization later this year.


Important update:

You’ll want to hold off for now if you’re using the experimental vertically compact layout - it looks like these builds could be crashy with that option enabled.

Curious how these test builds of OmniFocus 2.1 look on Yosemite? Here’s a screenshot:

Looks great! Is the plan to have perspective icons also enclosed in the ‘pill’ buttons?

Icons for perspectives will remain unadorned. (As will icons for scripts.)

The Today extension is great, as I have found it extremely helpful in Things, but is there a chance we can select which perspective we use? It appears that it only shows what’s in your forecast view for Today. A lot of folks find workflows with due dates to be too limiting in OF.

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an important question:
Run OF 2.1 with Yosemite only (like OG 6.1) ??


:-) tpau17

Love the Extensions. Only Flagged items with due dates are showing up in the today extension, I have it set to flagged items as well in the preferences.

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Interesting, is the unadorned icon approach for perspectives a design decision or a technical limitation of some kind?

Can someone explain what the 2.1 OF sharing menu entry is doing? If I invoke it with Safari, I see a miniature of the web page and a text entry field with a box that says “post.” Nothing appears to end up in OF or anywhere else that I can see. In other words, sharing appears to be broken.

It’s a design decision. If you have feedback about how you’d like to perspective icons handled (in the toolbar or the sidebar—or on iOS, for that matter), please be sure to email us!

When I do this from Safari, I get a new item at the end of my OmniFocus inbox with whatever text I entered and a note that links back to the webpage. If that’s not what you’re seeing, I recommend sending email to our support team so we can figure out why!

Last night’s r224234 test build fixes this by disabling the experimental compact mode (for now) so it doesn’t crash the app. (That mode still needs to be updated for v2.1.)

Thanks, Ken! It’s working now. It seems like it took a while (overnight) for the new service to kick in, but then all the tests I tried appeared all at once. I’ve gotten out of the Windows habit of rebooting twice after doing anything, but that probably would have helped.

In the 2.1.x build I’m running (r224234), the keyboard shortcut for “Edit > Find > Go to Search Field“ (⌥⌘F) does not do anything – it’s supposed to move keyboard focus to the Search field in the toolbar. Regardless of whether I use the keyboard shortcut or select the corresponding menu bar item using the mouse, nothing happens.

[OG #1297051]

The 2.1.x test versions crash on yosemite 10.10.2 pre-release.

Were you able to send us a crash report? Is there a ticket number I can look up?

I sent a couple, 1297335 complaining of a missing folder in Cache/Metadata and when I created the folder manually this one: [OG #1297347].

When it was crashing with #1297347 I was able to launch it after opening OF 2.1, opening 2.1.2 and overriding the lock. I couldn’t open it by itself.

Now, after login in/out of my session everything seems to be working properly.

What exactly is the compact view?

Does anyone know roughly when OmniFocus will update the backend database to allow for substantive changes to overall functionality?