OmniFocus 2 for iPad: Keyboard Shortcuts? [A: Now available in 2.9!]

Hi, I have an Apple bluetooth keyboard which I use with my iPad Air at work. Are there any keyboard shortcuts OmniFocus 2 for iPad? What I would really like is to enter a tasks information using only the keyboard.


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I found the three page pdf with the list of keyboard shortcuts, but can’t seem to find the one to enter a new task. I’m sure I have missed it.



I’m moderately surprised to discover this is apparently the first time we’ve had someone request that - filing a new feature request on this so we can consider adding it in the future. Thanks!

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Interesting, does this mean that the only method of adding new actions within omnifocus when using a keyboard is by tapping the plus button then tapping “new action” on the iPad’s screen?

Thanks for filing the feature request.


Can I +1 that please Brian. Would love this feature. Also other Hardware Keys for certain perspectives (would allow them to be removed from the limited space on the sidebar)

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Me 3 @Brian. I get a lot of todo’s when attending design reviews and planning meetings. 😝

Hi, I have just posted a topic asking if there are any keyboard shortcuts for OmniFocus for iPad - surprising, I searched first and this topic didn’t appear. Oh well.

Where can I find the pdf of shortcuts that BrightRhino refers to?


I’d also love to see better support for external keyboards. Not only quick entry for new tasks, but also for tabbing through fields like project, context, defer and due dates.

Maybe even support for ‘1d’ style text in due dates etc?

Hi Brian. Any update to this? I too use a Bluetooth keyboard with O2 for iPad at work as I am stuck with a Windows computer.

Is there an update to this? would also like to add my +1 . I could use this feature as well!

I’ve updated this feature request in our development database to note the ongoing interest. Requests from customers are a significant factor in deciding what we’ll work on next, so thanks for letting us know this is important. I don’t have any specific information about when this might be added to the app.

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I think it is this one? I guess this one is only for the Mac version.

Please add me to the request list for kb shortcuts in OF iPad.

I am also very interested in this. +1

Any update on this request? Unable to use OF efficiently on iPad w/o keyboard shortcuts (use Zagg keyboard w/ Ipad mini).

The newly announced iPad Pro with its keyboard looks like a useful replacement for my iPad 3. It would be even better with a suite of shortcuts in the iOS version of OF. Hopefully the OS9 update will include these.

What specific keyboard shortcuts are you looking for?

The same as those used for the Mac desktop so I can utilise the keyboard instead of constantly switching between keyboard and touch.

iOS 9 provides a lot more features for developpers to bring shortcuts for third-party keyboards, so nows the time! For instance, I’d like a shortcut for adding a new task when creating a list (i.e. CMD+“N”). Otherwise you keep having to press the ‘Save +’ button on the screen.

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This link provides some examples from the built-in iOs9 apps