Omnifocus 3 for Mac, Calendar sync


+1 restore OmniFocus Calendar integration!


Recently I can observe my calendar on the Apple Watch and see all events including OF and the calendar own events.
Now it’s impossible :( – native OF Apple Watch app is not suitable to observe my daily routine.


+1 add this feature back


After transferring to a new MacBook and then upgrading from OF2 to OF3 I now have two versions of OF on my MacBook. OF3 & OF2. I am regularly using OF3. As a former OF2 calendar sync user I am getting ghosts in my Calendars OF Reminders calendar. Creating an action in OF3 with a due date creates a reminder in the OF Reminders calendar. Change the due date of the action in OF3 and the OF Reminders calendar now has a ghost reminder. Temporary work around seems to be to close OF 3 and open OF 2. After allowing a few minutes for synching the ghost entries in the OF Reminders calendar are cleared.


Why would you keep v2 on the machine?


+1 for bringing the feature back. I’m a new user and missing this already


It was unintentional. I moved a user account from the old MacBook to the new MacBook. Downloaded and installed OF3. When down both versions were still on the new MacBook.


another +1 for bringing this back!


New Omnifocus user as of version 3, and I find it hard to believe that this used to be possible but was dropped.

+1 to bring it back.

(As they suggest, I also emailed about it.)


Please restore calendar integration.
Without it Omni Focus is not helpful to me.


I created an omnigroup account just to vote this feature up.


Thanks, I finally implemented this and it is very useful :)


Please bring it back! This will affect my decision to buy or not.


+1 for the return of this feature


+1 for this. I plan my calendar also based on the workload of tasks, I need to keep both app open and cross reference to manage my calendar. It’s a pain without.


+1 for this. It was always very useful to have due date auto-populate in my calendar


+1 for this. Thank you!


Just to remind people: if you want to see a feature you need to email it to support as outlined in the first visit post ;)