Omnifocus 3 for Mac, Calendar sync


Hello again,

After adding the 30 in, this popup appeared with the highlighted text shown on the screen shot
‘Script Error Calendar got an error: Can’t make -1770 into type date.’

If it is any constellation I have got a Udemy course on Apple Scripts and (hopefully) soon will be much more capable.

Thank you again, I really do appreciate this.


+1 For calendar sync. Omni Focus isn’t a calendar and doesn’t excel there at all. I have my own favourite app for that, being Fantastical. If I can’t see my tasks with due dates on a calendar alongside my other calendar entries, then what’s the point of using OF at all? There isn’t for me. I won’t be purchasing until this works. I came to the forum searching for how to send a task to my calendar. I’m shocked to see that it isn’t possible. This is rather basic functionality for software at OF’s price point. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if OF doesn’t sync with OP, which I was considering getting together–but also feel that OF should have a visual timeline as it does have projects, after all. I’m just baffled at all the things OF isn’t vs its price. Sorry for being negative. I really wanted this to work and it’s only my opinion.