OmniFocus for Apple Watch not available

I have all the prerequisites (iOS 9, Watch OS 2, OmniFocus for iOS version 2.9), but the OmniFocus app for Apple Watch doesn’t appear in the “Watch” application on iOS.

And in OmniFocus, I don’t have a “Today and Watch” menu, it just says “Today”.

What am I missing ?

Sorry for the trouble here! Can I ask what model of device you’re running OmniFocus on?

I have an iPhone 6s.

By the way, I have enabled the “Automatic App Install” option of the “Watch” application.

Hmm, interesting – I would definitely expect Watch settings to appear there. Just to double-check: this is the Universal (black checkmark) version of OmniFocus, correct? Not the iPhone (white checkmark) version?

I don’t understand the question. But the icon of my OmniFocus is a white arrow.

Then you have to download the universal app with the black checkmark in it. The app you are using at the moment can only be used on the iPhone and not on the watch! When you download the bundle you get it for free!

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In the App Store, it seems that I have to buy the one with a black chermark, I can’t simply download it. Is it right ?

In a word, yes. You need to buy it (again). Saying that and having taken the pain - OF on Apple Watch is really well done and worth it, since the whole GTD is seamless with wearable tech - you can’t miss a thing. I also seem to remember being permitted to upgrade to Pro - since I had the older version (with the white check mark).

The bundle is for free when you have already purchased one app! Download the bundle in the App store!

The app store wants me to buy the bundle, even though I own OmniFocus on my iPhone. Maybe it is because I bought it too long ago ?

When you own the iOS version Omnifocus 2 then you get the bundle for free. You have mentioned you are using OF 2.9 which fullfills this prerequisit! In this case just click on the bundle and then on the description page the price disappears and you can load it for free.

No, the price does not disappear, when I click on “buy” I still see this :

What do you see when you click on the text “OmniFocus Legacy Suport Bundle” as shown in the picture?

I see this :

In this case you have to spend 19 CHF to get the whole bundle including the universal app.

Yep, @Eneas has it figured out: the Universal edition of OmniFocus 2 for iOS is the one with Watch support. By completing your bundle, you’re preserving your investment in the legacy iPhone-only app when upgrading to Universal. You can find some more information on our support site, and of course feel free to email us if you have questions about the process!

Thanks for the clarification.

You might want to update this page to indicate which version of OmniFocus is required.

Hi I have the same problem. I have downloaded and reinstalled Omnifocus several times but no change - I still cannot see an option to install the app on the Apple Watch

I have the same problem. Did you solve it?

Kind regards, Damjan

I also have the same problem.

Bought an Apple Watch today. Updated to the Universal App (didn’t know about that one!).

But nothing, how do I get the app to the Watch…!?