OmniFocus Web, it is down?

I just started using OmniFocus web on a trial basis. In my office today, I was happily looking through my tasks and creating a new project on it (I use Windows laptop at work) when suddenly OF web seem to hung and was back on the “authenticating” screen. From then on, it wouldn’t revive. I had to go back to my iPhone to finish thinking through some tasks and plans.

Is there an Omnifocus web status site so we can check if the server is down?

Welp, looks like it’s back up now! Still, would like to know if there’s a webpage indicating the status of the server, kinda like how many cloud services do it these days.

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Downtime has been very rare; before we replaced the hardware at the end of November, most of our servers had been up for several years with no downtime.

When we did replace the hardware, we announced the downtime on social media, like this:

Our systems have remained up since that upgrade. (That upgrade deployed new Apple Silicon API servers in preparation for the launch of OmniFocus 4.)

That said, there are a lot of networks on the Internet, so various networks are constantly going up and down and that will sometimes affect the route between your network and Omni’s. The Internet generally does a very good job of routing around portions of the network that are down, but it sounds to me like what you ran into was some sort of trouble routing to the network which hosts our API servers.

So my guess is that in this case there was some sort of network connectivity issue between your site and our coordinator or API servers. If this happens again, you might try using our OmniFocus Web Connectivity Test to see exactly which services you’re having trouble reaching.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! This is helpful, especially knowing about the Connectivity Test: OmniFocus Web Connectivity Test