OmniFocusColors app: How to tell what's what?


I typically like to use an emoji for my folders. My projects do not use emojis. The emojis will tell me if it is a folder.
Or you can precede the folder name with something like a bullet point.

• Work Folder

  • Office Folder
    – Personal Folder
    \ Family folder

I can also start my folder names with some type of punctuation symbol to indicate it is a folder.


Many thanks but using anything at the start to designate a folder only starts the text later which then indents it enough to reduce it’s visibility as a parent item. My head sees a net neutral when using such techniques. How lovely would a different background shade be though?! Clear as crystal and would break sections wonderfully.


I use the colors in the emoji to differentiate a folder from a project. My projects typically don’t have emojis and will retain its standard color - black for available projects, gray for on hold projects. If there is any emoji, then I know it is a folder.

I missed OmniFocus 1’s capability of having a different background color.

FWIW, this is what my current projects sidebar looks like.


That really IS a disappointment. Reading the outline and seeing every group heading grayed out is both quite misleading, and hard to read. As a result I avoid groups at all costs, though they would be most useful if they showed up in the same color as folders, projects, and tasks. I hope you will consider changing this “feature.”