Omnigraffle - non image masking -to use multiple colors on a multi-segment line

I’ve got a region (a multi-segment line) that I’d like to color with different stroke colors for different segments. Is there any good way to do that? I would consider masking, but that seems to apply only to images…


What precisely do you mean by region and multi-segment line ? If you can be more clear, I am sure someone can help you.

Eg. do you mean a single line with many MidPoints ? Or a logical line made up of several physical lines ? The latter is easy.


apologies -the former - a single line with mid points…

That is even easier, I did not think that is what you meant.

For simplicity, I will demonstrate using Orthogonal lines, of course you can do this to any line type.

1 Single Line with MidPoints

Just draw a line, and double-click on the line to create a MidPoint. It is a single line, so it has a single set of Properties (Stroke, Colour, various type, etc). After that you can move:

  • the line (click & drag)
  • the StartPoint (red diamond), the EndPoint (green diamond), or any MidPoint (blue diamond)
  • In the OG context, a drawing tool, I would not call it a segmented line, but of course it is, outside that context
    Line MidPoint

2 Segmented Line

A logical line (intellection) that is made up of more than one physical line. This is not a Group, but a set of lines attached together. Each Start/EndPoint attaches to the Start/EndPoint of another line, note that the line direction is preserved.

Each physical line has a set of properties (Stroke, Colour, various type, etc). Thus we can create great effects.
Segmented Line

3 Line Magnet

To be complete, I should show you another technique, used for network or “fishbone” (silly name) diagrams. What we need is subordinate lines connecting to a main line at regular intervals.

  • create the main line
  • add MidPoints at the interval or position you require.
  • MidPoints are automatically Magnets, so you can attach other lines to the Magnets
  • when you attempt to attach a line to a Line or a Shape, OG displays all the Magnets (blue diamonds) in the target as red circles, temporarily
  • the source line displays as Selected, and whichever Start/EndPoint you are attaching, is highlit
  • line direction (attaching to EndPoints, as per [2] ) is not preserved

4 Grid

  • Always use a Grid, and SnapToGrid
    • turn it off for short durations when non-Grid manipulation is require.
  • it is the fundament for a good-looking diagram, as well as for ease of manipulation
  • Regular intervals are then dead simple


Great - thank you!

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You are most welcome. Please reload the page, I just improved it.