OmniOutliner Roadmap?

As someone who was using OO for a while, then switched to some combination of Roam and DT, really wondering what, if any, plans there are for OO in 2021.

(as a plug, I’ll mention an old thread that contains some of my wished-for stuff: Possible Future for OmniOutliner)

I’d love to know as well. I’ve recently bought a subscription to Dynalist because OO wasn’t giving me what I needed from it.

Just checked that out, Dynalist looks very powerful. I hope omni staff check it out for some ideas on how to advance OO. Love the tags, row level control of check boxes, markdown focus and internal linking with [[.

Thanks for sharing; as an OmniFocus user, the continued investment there is encouraging.

However, the word OmniOutliner doesn’t appear in any forward-looking context … I hope there’s more to come on that front too.

I’m wondering whether I should lean on the new improved MindNode outlining capability. (Fuller disclosure: I have OmniOutliner but haven’t used it much.)

Mindnode has basic outlining needs and won’t go in deeper like omnioutliner does.

If your needs are basic then mindnode might be enough. Otherwise use OO

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If you’re using Roam, you should also check out Obsidian. I discovered it last November and have been very pleased with the feature set; especially the notion that my data doesn’t have to be in the “cloud”. I’ve been active in their forum, and a bunch of Roam users moved over, so you might want to do a feature and cost comparison. Obsidian can import data from Roam, and is free for personal use.

I have to say, as somene who just got a subscription to Omni Outliner on a shoestring student budget it is a little perplexing / disappointing to find out that subscription seems to not imply the idea of continuous and steadfast development then (including things like roadmaps)? or maybe this is this some kind of communication blunder?

– my understanding from dozens of heated arguments for/against subscription as a model was that this is always premised on the idea/promise of continuous and strategical development.

would Omni, who I value for what they have done to the OSX software ecosystem, see this differently, I wonder now?