Rediscovering OmniOutliner

(I considered this as a reply to OmniOutliner Roadmap?, but it ended up being a separate thought)

For a bit of a happy twist of sorts: Roam was down for me for a day because of some bug and … I ended up rediscovering a different way of using OO, and it has worked itself back into my workflow in a limited way (a cross-platform native app is still something that, while not offering the arbitarily-nested-graph feature of Roam, is unique).

In particular, I ended up trying out some n00bish attempts at automation and came away impressed by what is possible here.

It would be a shame if this ecosystem doesn’t take off, since it is possible to do a lot more than one expects out of an outliner – indeed, the very “blank-slate-ness” of it might be a stumbling block.

Yes, lots of potential power there. Unfortunately, unless you have a coding background, not at all easy to use!

Recommend visiting the Omni Automation website and also check out the Slack channel.