Orthagonal Line Issues

Hey all, just upgraded to Omnigraffle 7, and I’ve noticed an issue that’s been really annoying to work around. When creating sitemaps (something I’ve been doing for years in Omnigraffle), orthagonal lines are now not defaulting to behavior that makes sense. For example, I make these 5 boxes and then drag lines to connect them, and this is the default behavior of the lines now:

It seems that the orthagonal lines want to stick to the boxes or something, and I have to tweak each one individually using that tiny “4 boxes” point, which has been a giant pain. Please let me know if there is any way to revert to the older better behavior, thanks!

I might start by switching on View > Magnets and then experiment with adjusting the standard magnet positions of your shapes, and perhaps allowing slightly wider horizontal spacing, or slightly smaller arrowheads.

Yes, there are many, many reasons why those of us who have used OmniGraffle prior to V6 want to revert to older behaviour.

You might want to visit Reasons for Sticking with OmniGraffle 5. That is not a complete list by any means, there is much more. Unlike the old forum, which has hundreds of thousands of technical posts, this forum is non-technical, a censored anti-social “social media” platform for marketing purposes, so everything looks great and squeaks with shininess, but nothing gets addressed or replied. “We are listening” is somewhere between hilarious and sad. You might want to view the hidden text of messages that have been censored.

Having to fiddle with Handles or EditPoints or MidPoints, because the software does not work, is sooooo 1980’s.

My tried and tested method of reverting to the older behaviour, and obtaining the substantially reduced time consumption to perform diagramming tasks, of clear memory, is to revert to an older version. I use OG 5 exclusively.

Those who compare 6 with 7 do not have the memory of the days of 4 and 5, and thus have no idea about how a diagramming tool is supposed to work.

I trust all those orthogonal lines:

  • all start from box [2.1]

  • each line ends at box [2.1.x]

  • they have the correct Magnet style settings for the purpose.


Thanks for the feedback guys. So I finally figured it out, for anyone else getting weird line connections. It looks like there is a new feature called “Route from Object Centers” under the Connections dialog when you have lines selected. Unchecking this box made their behavior much easier to deal with. Hope that helps someone else!