Out of curiosity… organize v

organize v : Builds a tree of rows based on the values in the specified columns.

I was just going through the applescript dictionary for OO5 and noticed this command. I’m wondering if anyone has a clue what it does or how it works. The ‘based on’ part kind of vague. I couldn’t find any additional information anywhere.

Well, three years later, I can answer my own question.

While there isn’t any (that I can find) applescript-related documentation, some is provided for the js rendition at OmniAutomation - Outline. I’d looked at it once upon a time but couldn’t make anything out of it. Seeing this thread got me wondering again, so I grabbed the sample doc and tried again.

tell application "OmniOutliner"
	set d1 to document 1
	tell d1
		organize leaves by {column "State", column "Buys"} under d1 with prune
	end tell
end tell

Putting the two columns in a list structure like that was the key. For no reason I can discern, I get a “Can’t get document 1 …” error if I don’t do the sleight of hand to send it under ‘d1’. But otherwise, it organises the document and after a sort, the output looks just like in the example.

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