Paste with Original Style?

I find it odd that Omnigroup decided to invert the paste keyboard short cut so that command-v now is the inverse of the native Text and Sticky apps. I also could swear the older OO versions had paste in sync with those Mac apps. Did this change in OOv4/5?

I think you’re right in noticing the change. Although it’ll take some getting used to, I don’t mind the change as I almost always want to ‘paste as text’ or ‘paste and match style’ (or whatever it gets called!).

Same comment as funkydan2. Making the default paste-as-text works for me, as 99% of the time that’s what I want to do.

I agree that having Paste as plain text as the default is usually what I want (though it would be nice to have the option to toggle this). My problem is that both Paste commands paste styled text not plain text. Are other people not finding this?

Paste is now context aware. If the source is from a different application it will strip the style with the except of links and attachments. If the source is OmniOutliner it will retain the styles. Paste with Original Styles keeps the styles from the source all the time.

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I am using OO Pro 5.0.2 in Mac OS 10.11.6.

It seems as though there is an issue with some apps. Pasting text from Nisus Writer Pro into an OO document it always comes in styled whether I choose Paste or Paste with Original Style. Pasting from Word or TextEdit works as intended.

I must say that I would prefer to have an explicit choice between Paste and Paste as Plain Text. It sounds from your description as though this is no longer an option within OO documents.

Hmm, there is indeed some bugs with this. Results may vary if you paste into a row versus pasting as a new row as those take different code paths. For the most part you still do have the explicit choice (or will once these bugs are fixed), it’s just reverse from what it was before.

One of the biggest issues we’ve been contacted about with styles in the past is due to pasted content bring in styles the user wasn’t even aware of or didn’t want. This lead to a lot of confusion and a complicated style configuration as they tried to fix it. Making the default plain text avoids the majority of that. There is data that needs to be preserved though such as links and attachments. This is the first step towards where we’d like the behavior of Paste to be.

Thanks Derek.
I do actually like that default is unstyled (or should be). You wrote however that Paste within OO documents retains the style: does that not mean there is no way to paste plain within OO, if for instance you want the text to acquire the style of the target row?

Depends… And none of the following behavior is new to v5–

Of note, copying a whole row could be different than directly copying the text out of a cell.

What matters is how the styles are applied to the source content. If your document is just styled through structural styles, like level styles, then there aren’t any styles on the row you copy so it will use whatever structural style the destination is set for. The result should be no different from dragging or outdenting/indenting that row to another location.

If however you selected just that row and made it bold, the bold attribute will be carried along if you copy the row as you explicitly made that row bold. You associated the boldness with that specific row versus the row inheriting style due to its placement in the outline. But, if instead of copying the row you selected the text in the row and copied that, the pasted result will not bring along the bold attribute because the row is set to be bold, not that specific text (you can delete and replace the text and that new text will be bold). Any styles applied directly to the text will always be carried through, if you say made just a single word underlined.

So, copying and pasting within or between OO documents should give you the expected result. Unless you avoid using theming/structural styles, in which case all bets are off.

Thanks for the clarification Derek. I think I need to renew my familiarity with OO to understand to what extent the current behaviour may be problematic in practice.

Regarding the pasting in of styles from Nisus, you are right that the result varies according to the selection in OO:
• No row selected: imported text is added (unstyled) to new row at end of outline
• Row selected: imported text is added (unstyled) to new row/s after selected row
• Text field of row active: text is added (styled) at insertion point. (Bug)

Paste with Original Style works as expected except that when a row or nothing is selected, nothing comes in. If a whole row is selected, the height of the row changes slightly, but no text is added anywhere. Is this a bug?

Yes, that is a bug.