Quick View Search doesn't find Action Note text nor Action Title - OF MAC v2

For Testing I just added the text minutiae2 to an action note, using Quick View the action with that new text is not found using Quick View.

If I place that text in the title of a Action it is still not found. If I create a Project and add that term as the Project Name it can be found. There may be some time lag with the App Search Indexing.

Quick View lists it searches Perspective, Folder, Project, Context

Well let’s add search functionality to : Action, Note, please.

Quick Open is intended to search in the overall structure of the Omnifocus database, finding, as you mention, perspectives, folders, projects and contexts. To go down a level and find individual actions and search in the notes field, you could use the search field in the toolbar.

Also the OP should be aware that OF2 is no longer being updated and that Omni staff don’t consider these forums as a way to submit bug reports.

The search should be one box, all items. Full stop. In OF IOS there is one Search. But in IOS you cannot find a Folder by Searching. Frustrating.

As for the Bug Reports here - I also file them to the support staff, but I gather they need visibility to others here who also can then notice the pain of them and submit them themselves.

I will hopefully Sandbox V3 (Mac OF) soon. And then I’ll see how many of the items (the vast majority still untended to that I noted from V2 over the past years) which probably will be still present in V3.

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