Rotating images in shapes

I’m trying to rotate an image within a shape. Someone posted this back in 2014:

There are no replies to that thread. Is there a solution for this?


Sure! First you place the image onto the canvas. Then you select it and in the object inspector, change the shape to a puzzle piece shape. Then you hit the “mask” button (on Mac), also in the Image section of the object inspector. You can then rotate, resize, and so on within the shape.

If you are on iOS, tap twice on the image to get into masking mode, then perform the rotation gesture.

I hope this helps!



It’s not working for me. I can change the shape, let’s say to a triangle. But if I try to rotate the image, the whole shape rotates as well.

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Thanks for the reply.

That’s too bad. I can usually use OG for just about anything, but in this case, it’s unusable. I’ll have to find another solution.

Thanks again.

Pardon me, but I don’t think that is right. I think I have given you a method for any version, that makes it useable, as long as you know the problem. Could you please read my post again, just to be clear that there is no misunderstanding.


Honestly, it’s just too confusing and unintuitive to do for a quick job. I did what I had to do in Keynote.

Thanks again. I appreciate your answer.


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In case it helps you (or anyone else) in the future, the image doesn’t have a separate rotation property from the shape—but you can accomplish the same goal by copying a rotated shape and pasting it to be the image for another shape.

Here are steps for that:

  • Paste your image onto the OmniGraffle canvas
  • Rotate your image
  • Copy your rotated image

[You now have a rotated image on the pasteboard.]

  • Select your target shape on the canvas
  • Open the Image inspector
  • Click on the image well, and Paste your rotated image

Hope this helps!