Save Window State in Custom Perspective

In older versions of OmniFocus you could save a snapshot of how you want to windows to look. In certain modes of work, it is helpful to hide tags or menu items.

This has been discussed in this post, but unfortunately, the post is locked.

Are there any native solutions? I could create a keyboard maestro script for this, but I’d love to be able to invoke a clean perspective without having to hide the sidebar.

Does anyone have a link to UI plans for a future version of OF? I’m trying to get back into OmniFocus, but

Hi, first of all I apologize for the automatic auto-locking of topics that have been idle for a month. We started doing that to avoid having spammers resurrect ancient threads (apparently hoping their spam wouldn’t get noticed by moderators?); perhaps cutting off those spammers at the source means we can leave those topics open for longer.

But on to the actual topic!

In OmniFocus 4 (currently in TestFlight for iPhone and iPad, with Mac builds coming soon), you can configure a perspective to hide its sidebar automatically. (The sidebar is also independent from the Perspective Bar, so it’s still easy to navigate to other perspectives when the sidebar is hidden.)

This is just one of many improvements coming in v4. If you have time, please give it a spin and let us know what you think of how things are coming along!

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