Save window state of custom perspective

I have found old discussions regarding this but am unable to find an answer. Is it possible in OF3 to save a custom perspective so that the window state always remains the same? I’m talking like the snapshot feature in OF1. I cannot seem to preserve a window state for my Today perspective like I used to be able to, and it is quite annoying. I’ve fiddled with various view settings but any time I reopen the perspective the window reverts to the standard set up. I want a minimalist task list for the day, like I used to have in OF1. It is annoying to have to set up the window layout every single time I launch the perspective. Is there any way to do this? Thanks.

You might enjoy having an OmniFocus specific window controller.

I use mine every day to tame OmniFocus window placement. I keep it simple but this technique can be expanded to support any scenario. My project/organizing view is big and wide, and my action/do view is small and minimal. The controller also handles my preferences for sidebar and inspector visibility.

This is made in Keyboard Maestro. If interested, I can publish the steps and related macros.

I am absolutely interested. Please do post! I’m looking for any way to revert back to functionality similar to OF1

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