Script to copy/paste tags to select columns (redux!)


Aha. I didn’t realize it might require so much additional work, though I see your point re: how any of these processes could lead to potential glitches.

I’d consider buying TaskPaper and using it to create the kind of tab-indented outline for the subject categories and their respective tags. Just so I understand you correctly, in reading what you’ve just produced above, I would:

(1) Create a document – a tab-indented outline – in which I’d flesh out the subject categories and their respective tags, and (2) after saving it, I’d run the script that you just posted.

Would the most recent script then inform the commands in the original script – or is the most recent script a standalone that would replace the original script?

Just want to be sure I’m following you properly. Thank you again for your help…


Just following up here, so that I can understand how your latest script would work. If I follow you properly, I would

-first use TaskPaper or some other app to create a tab-indented outline for categories and their respective tags;

-save that tab-indented outline as a text file;

-Run the script you sent so that it could read the tab-indented outline text, while making sure that the right OO file is open;

Is that right?

Thanks again!