Searching OmniFocus via Alfred

Hello fellow OmniFocus users,

I’ve written a workflow for Alfred that allows you to do free text searching of your OmniFocus data. Think of it as a quick way to jump to a task, project or folder within your library. The latest version now supports simple searches of the notes field. Additionally, you can search for tasks (open, active or flagged), projects, contexts, perspectives and folders.

The workflow is available from GitHub. The code is also there as is the README file if you want to know how to use it.

Hope you find it useful. Feedback appreciated :)



I came across your workflow on the Alfred forums. I love it. I find I use the general search all the time. Just wanted to say thanks for creating it!

No worries! Glad you find it useful.

Hi, do you mean this issue?

Don’t think there’s an obvious fix for this. What are you searching for? If you give me an example I can take a look.



How can I override the Invoke method in the custom SQLiteFunction? There was a topic on servicestack here “SQLite case-insensitive like with non ascii chars”, but the OP didn’t mentioned how he did this. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi, I don’t - sorry.

Came here by way of Kourosh Dini’s Quickly Get to Your Projects and Tasks in OmniFocus Using Alfred. This is awesome work – thank you for making it available.

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My pleasure! Cheers