Set a magnet to sticky...?

I would like a line into an object to always stay connected via the same magnet, no matter now I move the object.

Is that possible…?

Much appreciated.

If you directly connect the line ending to a specific magnet, it will do that. You’ll see a bigger circle around the magnet when the line is attaching to it. When you connect the line without specifying a magnet, that is when it picks the closest one.

In OG V7, Magnets are sticky. Follow @DerekM’s instruction.

Regarding some earlier release, in which Magnets are not sticky …

That was a long-standing feature request (apparently implemented in V7).

This is not a work-around, but good practice:

  1. Minimise the number of magnets in the Object. Especially on the sides that suffer frequent movement of the object (relative to the other objects).
  2. Use Orthogonal Lines.
  3. After moving the Object (when the Line is connected to the now incorrect Magnet), move the MidPoint on the Line, so that the Line is correctly placed, before correcting the connection to the desired Magnet. For my diagrams, that fixes the problem probably half the time.


Ok, sorry, could you please explain what you are trying to solve with these steps then? A line connection attached directly to a magnet will never switch to a different magnet when the shape moves so I don’t understand why there’s a line connected to an incorrect magnet in your step 3. Is this about maintaining certain line routing outside of the shape?

Edit: noise, due to not identifying the different behaviour in different versions of OG, deleted.

Yes, I would like to understand the problem and would appreciate your help with that. We have different interpretations of @markhm problem and I have offered a solution to mine. If you would be willing to help me understand the problem you are referring to I can look into what solutions we could implement to fix it.

For reference, my interpretation of the problem is demonstrated in this video where the line changes which magnets it snaps to as you move the object around. By connecting the line ends to specific magnets, it prevents this.



You are right. That video proves that that version of OG (I assume V7.18.2) does not have the problem reported by OP. And therefore your initial post is correct. V7 Magnets are ‘sticky’.

FYI, the problem does exist in previous versions (eg. I use V5.4.4 and cannot use V6 or V7), Magnets in those versions are not ‘sticky’, which is why it was a feature request.

  • OG Development records should identify both the version of the feature request and the version in which it was implemented.
  • It would be good to document that info in this thread.