Shape subtraction rotates image back to original angle

Hello, I am trying to substract two shapes. The subtraction results in the correct shape but the image (png file) inside the resulting shape is wrong, it’s rotated to its original position and it seems part of the “subtracting shape” is overlaid.

Shape A (“subtracting shape”) is a simple square. “Subtracted shape” is a png, rotated to 90.5° previously.

Is this expected? Anyone else with this issue?

Can you post a couple of screen shots to help explain?

Aside: Maybe you could accomplish what you want using a mask instead?

Here before the subtraction:

after subtraction:

For images (PNG; etc), OG:

  • the subtraction subtracts the <subtract_shape> area from the <target_shape>
  • the image remains whole in the <target_shape>
    which means the image is now “squeezed” or StretchToFit.


After the subtraction, in the image shape, fiddle with the image settings:

  • Natural <-- probably what you want
  • Stretch to Fit <–current
  • Tiled

Then set scale & position-in-shape, to get what you want.

I have gotten into the habit of using only Natural, to avoid a raft of fiddly issues (not this particular issue but many similar).


If that does not work, you need to use a Shape as a mask over the image.

  • duplicate the image Shape
  • place it over the first image, exactly
  • remove the image
  • set the Fill (probably to your background colour) and Stroke (probably NoStroke)