Shortcut tools above ruler missing "fill"

I’m not sure what this line of quick shortcuts for selected objects is called:

I use these pretty frequently, but (a) somehow the “fill” one has gone missing, and (b) I can’t find any documentation on them in the Omnigraffle manual. So…

(a) how do I get “fill” back?
(b) what are those things actually called?

I don’t know either how this “line of quick shortcuts” is called. But you can move the object inspectors in this area. So to get back the “fill shortcut” just drag the “fill inspector” to this area (drag the three horizontal lines on the right of the inspector). You can do this with other inspectors as well. And you can remove inspectors from the “line of quick shortcuts” when you drag the three vertical lines out of this area. Hope this helps.

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Brilliant! That’s both so amazingly easy and fantastically powerful. Thanks so much!!

On other good software, that is called the Customisable Tool Bar, as opposed to the ordinary Tool icons, which are located in the various Inspectors. One places Tool icons in it (in the OG instance, from the various Inspectors). OG has had this facility since Version 1.