Sort Projects Alphabetically by Name

I’ve search around these forums for a way to sort my projects by name other than manually.

I found one post that said to go to “Organize->Sort One->(choose sorting field)” which exists except the sorting field list is all greyed out. My projects are all in folders, so I tried

  • Selecting top level folder, both expand and collapsed.
  • Not selecting any folder.
  • Selecting collapsed folders - this sorts the folders but not the projects under them.
  • Selecting expander folders and their contents - this sorts folders and their contents

It looks like there is a way to sort selected items with some effort. Is there a better way? I browsed preferences and didn’t see any option to let the application sort things for me, but perhaps I missed the option or maybe there is a script out there that could do it for me.

I don’t generally sort by name, but I just gave it a try in the Projects perspective. Here’s what I find, using a test build of OF 3.14.4:

  • If I select projects in the outline and then choose Organize > Sort Once > By Name, the tasks within each project are sorted alphabetically, not the projects.

  • If I select projects in the sidebar and then choose Organize > Sort Once > By Name, the projects are sorted alphabetically.

If you’re using a perspective that automatically sorts by specific criteria, then the Sort Once options are grayed out.

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If you want to sort projects you will need to select them first then use “sort once”. I do this regularly with my clients folders to keep them in alphabetical order.

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