Sorting Projects

Is it possible to sort the Projects list by project name other than doing it manually?

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You can select all your projects and choose Edit > Sort Once > By Name.

It’d be great if there was an option to have OF keep Projects sorted vs. manually doing so from time to time. I’ll submit to of as well.


Sort Once is under Organize and all the options are disabled. I have not been able to cause any of the options to be selectable in OF2 so far.


Hmm… that item is available to me once I have selected the projects I want to sort in the projects tab.

@cjs226 I agree that keeping them sorted is a different matter. Thanks for sending us the feature request.

I have added my vote for to have objects sorted automatically by name, date added, status, etc.

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Just tried this, if you select a folder the items will be grayed out. Only select the projects under the folder and it should be fine to select.

You can sort by name, status, date added etc.

i’m noticing that when i select all projects in a certain folder, the “sort once” command dumps them all out of the folder upon completion? is this the correct behavior?

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