Stencils Placement is a Dealbreaker

Moving the stencils out of their persistent place in the right rail needlessly slows my workflow. I use that tab all the time and having it turned into an overlay that I constantly have to click to show (or the messiness of having it as a floating palette that disappears behind windows) is a HUGE inconvenience. So huge, in fact, that I won’t be able to upgrade—it would just disrupt my flow too much.

Please consider maintaining an option for the stencils to sit in the right rail as they do today.

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The problem is removal of existing features. I don’t have a problem with new features being introduced. I do have a problem with features (this thread is just one example) being removed.

Now some might say, this feature has been “upgraded” or “improved”, but that is merely an opinion. The point is, people do get used to a certain workflow (even at the click and drag level). If the new feature requires more keystrokes then it is a regression in terms of ease-of use, and GUI interaction, and intuitive access. So the accurate term for the changed feature is replacement.

And then, when a feature is replaced, as requested above, there must be an option to retain the old feature, such that users who wish to use OG the way they are used to using it, can.

It is not a matter of “like” or “dislike”. That comes and goes with the weather, and changes as new users become familiar with the product. It is a matter of actual functionality.