Support Email no answer

Weiß jemand ob OG Support antwortet?
Habe sehr schnell Antwort per Email von OG auf Crash Report erhalten.
Diese Email habe ich beantwortet.
Darauf kam nichts.
Muss ich warten oder neuen Support Case senden?


Does anyone know if OG support responds?
I received a very quick reply by email from OG about the crash report.
I have answered this email.
Nothing came.
Do I have to wait or send new support case?


I do know that they have cut back on email responses, ala doing the minimum necessary, which is less than the normal email protocol. It is rude, if you are not expecting it.

Which means support still exists, they are alive.

I would give it a week, and send another email, on the same case/thread.

I would not open a new case on the same subject/thread.


Thanks for feedback

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You are welcome.

Also, the proprietor Ken Case, has responded in this forum, three weeks ago. Therefore, they are watching this forum, even if lightly.


Staffing is limited right now and they were working on the 7.19 transition (MacOS 10.15 changes). When I send in an ‘issue,’ I usually get the automated response within 24 hrs but may not get a human response for a week or two. Most of my issues aren’t show stoppers (lately).