Surprising Gaps in Features

I’m adding here some that are almost on the level of a basic expectation rather than an aspirational ‘ask’ given what most basic GTD apps offer. The “must haves” that are absent rather than the “good to haves” that would be, well, good to have. Examples of “good to haves” are an ability to apply templates (say packing lists) or adding files other than photos (say a cellular bill in PDF format). But I restrict this list to the “gaps” and not my “wants” based on almost all similar offerings on the AppStore.

The gaps are:

  1. Flexible/ contextual repeat options (say every 2nd Sunday of the month).

  2. Ability to put an end date to the repeats (say repeat daily till 31st December - great for medications reminders - or every 2nd Sunday till 30th April 2018).

  3. Individual notifications to be switched on or off by task (rather than the “all or nothing” design) and “nag” options.

  4. Ability to delete all completed items in a specific project only (not to delete all completed tasks across all folders, again an “all or nothing” design).

  5. Ability to input tasks into a project from the Home Screen or Perspective rather than just to view the project.

  6. Ability to add multiple photos instead of one by one.

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